IOP statement about detainees in Saudi Arabian prisons

Statement about detainees in Saudi Arabian prisons


The policy of silence and persecution practiced by Saudi Arabian authorities has recently begun to escalate, more than 53,000 detainees (scientists, scholars, reformers) are detained without trial.

Islamic Ommah Party (IOP) rejects the shameful arrest campaigns carried out by the Saudi authorities against religious and social figures, which are not accepted nor recognized by the international conventions and treaties.


IOP affirms the following:

1.   Refusing the principle of detention without legal justification or legal basis.

2.   Release of all detainees and to stop all violations against them.

3.   Stop travel ban for detainees and their families, which can be describe as collective punishment.

Appeals to all international and regional bodies and organizations concerned with human rights, to launch an international campaign to release of detainees in Saudi Arabia prisons.